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Introducing Bible Study Company Podcast. Grab some coffee or your favorite beverage. We are excited to have you join us. Who are we? Pew sitters on a path to find out what pleases God, our Creator. We are studying scripture through a lens to find out how to live a praiseworthy life to Christ. Dr. Baruch Korman of has shared his study tips with us, and we plan on sharing them with you. They are changing our bible study and our life! We could never imagine the discoveries that have opened our minds to God's agenda and purposes! WOW!
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    What is biblical faith? Part 1 The Bible Study Challenge

    We all have heard about Faith. But can you define it? That is the challenge. Interested in taking the challenge to find out what BIBLICAL FAITH IS? Our mission at bible study is to study scripture to find out how to obey God. The bible says in Heb 11:6 it is impossible to please God without faith! We had better get this right! Join us for Podcast for Pewsitters discussion with guests Laurie and Mark Lorentz on taking the challenge "What is biblical faith?"

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    Exodus Chap 3 Part 1 Lessons from the Burning Bush

    This chapter is a pivot point in the Exodus story. There will be many. We are at the time and place that God is acting on fulling prophecy or rather a promise to Abraham. Prophecy is inherently related to the fulfillment of something God says will happen.

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    Exodus Chap 2 Part 5 Pummeled by life

    Is God in control of our bad decisions? Or are we in control of our bad decisions? Moses "tried to help God" and ends up killing an Egyptian. Moses flees. Where did he flee too? The WILDERNESS which is a metaphor or symbol of dependence on God. He sought God's help. This is faith. Moses could have gone back to Egypt and asked for forgiveness and continued in Egypt enslaving God's people. Instead, Moses wanted to obey God and fled. He had no idea what the future held. God was faithful to Moses. Have you ever experienced losing someone, or a job or a church family by something you did or said? This podcast will help you know God is with you even in your bad decisions. Join Ric and Mary Joyner

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    Bible Study Step 2 Prayer and Obedience

    Prayer is vital when studying the Bible. Too often we "read over" passages we don't understand. We are God's creation and He wants us to know His will. But, will we choose to pray for His understanding and then our obedience?

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    Exodus Chap 2 part 4 Moses Flees Egypt to Obey God. Will You?

    Moses escapes Egypt after being rebuffed by his Hebrew Brothers. Mose flees the face of Pharoah. This is interesting because he had a choice to humble himself to Pharoah as a member of the royal house and beg forgiveness. Instead, the "matter" was known to both Pharoah and Moses which was the prophecy about a deliverer. Moses fled into the wilderness. Will we? Christ went into the wilderness

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    Bible Study Step 1 Obey God vs Gain Knowledge

    We are all called to be disciples of Christ if we are born again and have accepted His sacrifice for our sin. Christ is the Word of God. (John 1). As untrained professionals, how do we approach the Word of God to learn His ways? (Heb 3:10) The disciples were not trained bible teachers. So what was different about them? What can we learn from their lives and why did Christ's focus on them? With the help of the Holy Spirit, they obeyed His Word. (John 14:15) We can too. We need to change our approach from gaining knowledge ABOUT God to OBEDIENCE to God. Join us for Podcast for Pewsitters Bible Study Step 1 Obey God vs Gain Knowledge

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    Exodus 29 Fear to Offend. Do your insides match your outsides?

    Do your inside match your outside? What role do garments play in scripture? What is the fear of the Lord? How do we approach complex scripture that doesn't seem to make sense to us? Don't give up. The Holy Spirit is here to help! Join us in this podcast to live a Praiseworthy Life to God! Holy Spirit is here to help! Join us in this podcast to live a Praiseworthy Life to God! Exodus 29

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    Exodus 28:36-38 Are you a kingdom of God minded person?

    We are studying the Bible in Exodus 28:36-38 where the pattern for the priestly garments was being discussed and came on the verses that were about Aaron's head coverings. The description had a symbolic detail that not only pointed to Christ but how we, as priests, were to focus our minds. We will serve what we think about. (Phil 4:6-8)

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    Exodus 28 What is our purpose in life? Minister to the Lord! And other musings!

    Podcast For Pewsitters: We are discussing the priestly garments and how they point to Christ. What happened between Exodus 19 where God told Moses He wanted a Kingdom of priests and Exodus 28 where only Aaron was the High Priest? Something drastic changed. Join RIc and Mary Joyner to discover what the change may be! Podcast For Pewsitters

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